What Past Participants Said


Past Participant Comments 2016

The below are anonymous comments provided by participants when they filled out our program evaluation.

“Great conference overall. Love the breadth of topics.”

“Absolutely loved this conference!”

“Loved the break-out sessions and demonstrations. The sessions on injury prevention and treatment were very helpful. Thank you for a great conference!”

“This conference will give me time to educate my staff and will better allow us to treat patients as the running season kicks off in the spring.”

“This was my first time at the course and I really enjoyed all of it. I have nothing but great respect for all of the people that I came in contact with. All of them were very professional, friendly, and helpful. I truly learned a lot. Thank you for a great conference.”

“As a visual and hands on learner, I appreciated the use of videos and photos by the presenters.”

“Overall, an excellent conference. Thank you!”


Past Participant Comments 2015

The below are anonymous comments provided by participants when they filled out our program evaluation.

“I loved the conference, will definitely be back!”

“Great job of including a wide variety of speakers and topics.”

“Love the hands-on workshops!”

“Great job at incorporating lectures and information for all professions. Loved all of the speakers!”

“Program was excellent. I enjoyed seeing the perspectives of various disciplines.”

“Best food I’ve had at a CME Meeting in some time!”

“Overall, very informative and I will be back!”